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  It was this drama that introduced me to the magnificent Lee Min Ho, drama that was highly recommended by Dayane (excellent tip, just loved).

SYNOPSIS: The casade Park Gae-In will be the model target for an architectural project, Jin Ho, a hetrosexual guy, is pretending to be gay to able to share the house with Park Gae-In. Jin Ho changed his initial thinking, in obtaining information about their architectal project, but Jin Ho will be able to try out new things as well as be a better friend to Park-Gae-In. His hobbies only confirm the suspicions of Gate-In already that he is a defender of cleaning, that they include organisation and passing, but he also has the talent for discovering the feeling of a woman. Gae-In has too much confidence in people, although she has been betrayed in a cruel mamer. That has not stopped her giving people the benefit of the doubt, that Jin Ho is not different. How will she react when she finds out that her companion in the fourth bedroom is not really gay and that he is in love with her?. !

Título: Personal Taste   개인의 취향
Título original: Gaeinui Chwihyang
Gênero: Comédia, Romance, Drama
Capítulos: 16
Canal:  MBC
Ano: 2010
Son Ye-jin: Park Gae-In
Lee Min-ho: Jeon Jin Ho
Kim Ji Suk : Han Chang-Ryeol
Wang Ji Hye : Kim In-Hee
Seung-Yong Ryoo: Choi Do-Bin
Jo Eun-Ji : Lee Young-Sun
Jung Sung Hwa : No Sang-Jun
Im Seul-OngKim Tae-Hoon
ChoiEun-Seo: Na Hye Mi
Diretor: Son Hyung Suk , Sem Jong Chan (노종찬)
Roteirista: Parque Hye Kyung

    The plot is at the same time funny and infectious, It is that moment of drama not left to desire. Personal Taste was certainly a compelling drama and the way the story between Gae-In and Jin Ho unfolded, showing an evolution of their relationship, that starts with a union that is useful and pleasant, and it is transformed later in to a love story. that is well constructed. These events rendered moments comical, like each time that Gae-In was taking off the “secret” Jin Ho was finding it practically impossible not to laugh, other moments were to do with the plumber when Gae-In passed by making Jin Ho want to take something having been born a man. . There are many factors which make you want to follow Personal Taste.

    Park Gae-In (Son Ye-jin): is a furniture designer who is not worried about appearances, being at the same time extremely clumsy, her house is not very organised or clean, but is a good guy who believes in humanity, picking up sincere love and innocence, which she believes she has found in Han Chang-Ryeol, who to her disappointment, leaves without explanation.

   She later discovers he had betrayed in a cruel manner. The life of Gae-In begins a transformation she decides to rent the rooms of her house to Jin Ho, who she believes is gay and each time she got drunk, she told Jin Ho her secrets bringing them closer together as friends and they decide they want revenge on Chang-Ryeol and to that end, she asks for advice from her “gay” friend that she has not told she is falling in love with him and they are able to imagine her frustration, because she believes that her feelings will never be reciprocated.

    Jeon Jin Ho (Lee Min-ho) is an architect that restores honour to his family as his father was a “unfaithful” with a “Friend and employee” of his former work, that made something that live in advantage of his work. This path chosen by him is not easy and it is to bring that honour that he lives in constant conflict with Han Chang-Ryeol, in an attempt to win him over and close a big contract, so Jin Ho pretends to be gay so that he can live in Gae-In’s house, this is the best study of the location.

   The first impression that Jin Ho creates to Gae-In is not the best, but he succeeds in leaving a lasting impression on Chang-Ryeol. It is good and Jin Ho finds some difficulty in living with Gae-In as she is neither a follower of cleaning or organisation, and he is manic about cleaning but this is not the major challenge as Gae-In believes that he is “Gay” the same will have to deal with situations like absorbing these traits and with coexistence showing a sweet side this also learning to deal with his feelings for Gae-In.

    Lee Young-Sun (Jo Eun-Ji) and No Sang-Jun (Jung Sung Hwa)  appeared as Young-Sun was Gae-In’s best friend and responsible for convincing Gae-In to rent her room to Jin Ho, already Sang-Jun discovered that Gae-In and Young-Sun believed Jin Ho to be a casual gay, passing an act as if that was really true and creating a close tie to Young-Sun creating a close friendship. Both were responsible for approaching Jin Ho and Gae-In and also responsible for some great scenes that were the best comedy drama scenes.

    Han Chang-Ryeol (Kim Ji Suk) was the boyfriend of Gae-In leaves her to marry Kim Jn-Hee. The first impression he is a devious person and that he used Gae-In is not happy to do that, as he betrayed her quite hard. But with the resulting drama, we realise that he is not truly so “nasty” because many of his actions were taken due to pressure from his father (this is the bigger picture).

    In the course of the drama, he will reform, become cool and matures his part to compete with Jin Ho and clean and with honour, in the project to his gallery even as the pressure by his father to play dishonestly builds, he holds firm. Other relevant points of this character to me is that even though his families are rivals he does not forget the feelings of friendship that Jin Ho and he had in childhood and that he missed it even as it he imposed a front and battled with his father that he was a bad character.

    Kim In-Hee (Wang Ji Hye) believes that biggest blow of betrayal that Chang-Ryeol had was his romantic involvement with Kim In-Hee who was a friend of Gae-In. Kim In-Hee has a tremendously piercing gaze, she only moved closer to Chand-Ryeol with the intention of taking him from Gae-In, never having any type of sentiment, only greed, because the girl in question wanted everything that Gae-In has. Anyway, Gae-In only discovers the betrayal by In-Hee when she is getting married to Chang-Ryeol, then I imagine how much she had suffered with this blow.

    But In-Hee is not there she passes by and tries to win Jin Ho, and one of the things, I liked alot about the drama were that he never allowed her to trap him in her web, always making it clear he had no interest in her.

    Diretor Choi Do-Bin (Seung-Yong Ryoo) with this character, comes to the dramatic drama, this is because she believes that Jin Ho is Gay, It is like he develops certain interests that are beyond the business. Being gay is the contract of dispute between Chang-Ryeol and Jin Ho. Though Jin Ho finishes being the “badly interpreted” Gae-In one of the people that end up suffering with this bad interpretation is the director Choi, who makes a hard reality when Jin Ho explains his situation.

    Other moments of tense drama are short, but no less important separating Jin Ho and Gae-In, that occurs after the discovery by Sang-Jun of his true motive for moving in to Gae-in’s house, in the first moment he changes only with the intuition of study more about Sang Ggojae (that signifies ” a place of mutual love” since the director Choi wanted to be the father of Gae-In creating new spaces in the gallery of art with this discovery Gae-In feels once more used and disappointed, to which end she is enlighted with help from the director Choi and her father.

     Sound Path: The rest of this drama is very good, with infectious and gripping music and gripping. that you are not able to stop listening too, some of it is outstanding with the correct amount of heightened drama at just the right moment to know when she will come in.
Creating Love
Can’t Believe It

Like an idiot (Like a fool) Classic (That moment that you already know that play XD)

My Heart Is Touched – My favourite
   Final considerations: Personal Taste is a great drama and romantic comedy that is great to watch with engrossing moments and dramatical moments, not that this drama is amoung the 10 dramas most watched and recommended.

One of the moments, more comical of Dorama

 Stage Talk

Lee Young Sun Forcing the bar
Best scene of Dorama – Game over 

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