BTS V, Park Min Young, Kim Soo Hyun

We take a look at stars with their guards down from the past week.

1. BTS’s V and his finger heart     

V is posing playfully at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards on the 29th.

2. Park Min Young, shy

Park Min Young came back with the KBS drama “QUEEn for 7 Days” and she looks shy cupping her face in her hands.

3. Kim Soo Hyun laughing at Sung Dong il

Kim Soo Hyun is starring in the movie “Real” as a double role and is laughing at what Sung Dong il is saying.

4. Yoon Son ha, pretty as usual

Yoon Son ha is coming back with the KBS 2TV drama “The Best Hit”.

5. Kim Jung Eun in slit skirt

Kim Jung Eun is back with the OCN drama “Duel” as a ‘bad guy’.

6. Yukyung

Yukyung from ELRIS is out with her debuting song, “Us, First”.

Fuente: Hancinema

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