Marijuana charges laid on T.O.P, first trial on the 29th

T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyeon) is getting his first trial on the 29th this month.

According to legal sources, the first trial will be held on the 29th at 11:30AM. This trial requires the defendant’s presence so it’s likely that T.O.P will be there himself. However, there may be variables as T.O.P is currently in an unconscious state.

Usually in the first trial, the prosecutors explain the indictment and the attorney’s make their statements. T.O.P has acknowledged his charges during prosecuting investigations so he will have to make an official acknowledgement on this day. He may also make a personal statement as a sign of regret on his actions.

T.O.P was charged with smoking marijuana in his house in Yongsan, Seoul with a wannabe singer in October Last year. The charges are on two counts, one in the form of marijuana and another in the form of liquefied marijuana. Apparently T.O.P acknowledged the marijuana but not the liquid form.

Meanwhile, doctors at the hospital where T.O.P was admitted to had a briefing on the 7th. They said, “T.O.P is currently in a deep form a sleep. He reacts to strong stimulations but not small ones. It looks like he overdosed on some kind of mental stability medication. His condition isn’t well and his Blood tests aren’t well, either”.

Fonte: HanCinema

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