Mike Ângelo number 1 from china

Mike Angelo número 1 na china

Name: Mike Angelo
Real name: Pirath Nitipaisalkul
Chinese name: Pila Nidipeishanguan
Surnames: Mike
Profession: Singer, Actor, Model
Data of birth: December 19, 1989 (29 Years)
Place of birth: Bangkok, Thailand
Height: 180cm
Weight: 68 kg
Type of blood: B
Sign of the Zodiac: Capricorn
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Snake
Family: 3 brothers and a sister, he is the fourth child. Zan, Bank, Golf Pichaya

Pirat Nitipaisalkul better known as Mike D’Angelo was born on December 19, 1989 in Thailand, his name comes from the family business name “Michel Angelo”. Having three brothers is the youngest among men, being followed by his younger sister.

Mike Studied at: Chulalongkorn University and Mahidol University. He is a singer, actor and model. He was known as Mike of the duo, Golf and Mike ..

Mike Since he was a kid, he always dreamed of being a singer or a superhero like Super-Men.

His nickname “Mike” comes from his family business, Michel Angelo, which began when he was born. One nickname he got from his friends was “Het” (mushroom). A nickname he would choose for himself “Ling” (monkey) because he said he has monkey face.

He likes to work with his brother, he says it’s fun to be with someone you can trust and when he and Golf argue, he usually asks for forgiveness from Golf.



My angel of music

In 2002, Mike (along with his brother Golf) participated in the auditions for the first generation of the G-Junior group. As a trainer he practiced dance, singing, acting and language in this way appearing at various GMM Grammy concerts and other events during his trainer time that lasted until 2005. It was this year that Mike and Golf debuted in a duo named after their names. The song “Bounce” became their first big hit in Thailand, followed by other tracks. In years 2006 to 2007 a great expansion in their careers was noticed, being released in that time a Japanese album. In 2009, the duo released a Chinese album, also working in other countries such as Korea. In 2010, they performed a concert in honor of Michael Jackson, performing several performances of the same. Soon after, they perform a disband following single careers.


His first appearance was on the TV Show “Happy Camp” in 1997, but after many years he did not reappear on TV again. His return comes only in 2008 with “Ubatruk Karmkobfah” drama that stars alongside his brother Golf. In the following years he continues to participate in dramas and films.

Full House and Kiss Me

It is with Full House (2014) and Kiss Me (2015), Thai adaptations of Korean dramas, that Mike begins to receive international recognition as an actor, expanding his fame not only by Asian countries as in Western countries like the United States and Brazil.

I see the door open

It was thus that China opened up to him, being offered to him several roles in Chinese dramas. With Chinese dramas offering actors more prominence than Thai dramas when they are more marketed and watched.

My Little Princess

Drama recorded in 2016 was a major highlight in the international scene being present in major streaming services such as Viki. In this drama, Mike D’Angelo plays the role of a “plebeian” who fights a “prince” to win the heart of the only daughter of a great Chinese businessman.

Delicious Destiny

It’s a drama of 2017, where Mike plays a famous Western cooking chef who is passionate about cooking. He is invited to participate in a culinary tv program and meets the director Song Jia Ming. It is in the midst of this scenario that a gourmet novel occurs.

Delicious Destiny in 2017 ranked 1 place in China with more than 3 billion views.

My Amazing Boyfriend 2:

It is expected to launch in 2018 and is the continuation of a famous drama where there is the partnership between China and South Korea. Its first season was a great worldwide success, and the same is expected for this second season.

Mike in Hollywood

Hollywood has always been a dream since childhood, people said that Mike would never get it …. and guess what happened mike never gave up, always worked, and fought for his dreams, and finally succeeded .. Mike signed a contract in Hollywood. an agency in Miami at the American World Agency in Hollywood CAA Creative Art Agency.

Mike also received annual foreign awards in 2017.


Mr. Swimmer (2018)

My Amazing Boyfriend 2: Unforgettable Impression (2018)

Delicious Destiny (Hunan TV, 2017)

Wu Xin: The Monster Killer 2 (Sohu TV, 2017)

Little Valentine (Shenzhen TV, 2017)

My Little Princess (Sohu TV, 2016)

Legend of Nine Tails Fox (Hunan TV, 2016)

Devil Lover (GMM One, 2015)

Wu Xin: The Monster Killer (Sohu TV, 2015)

The Heart of Earth (Channel.3, 2015)

Kiss Me (Truevisions, 2015)

Hua Jai Patapee (Channel.3, 2015)

Raak Boon 2 (Channel.3, 2014)

Full House (Channel.8, 2014)

Raak Boon (Holy Source) (Channel.3, 2012)

Likit Fah Cha Ta Din (Channel.5, 2012)

Love Beyond Frontier 2 (Channel.9, 2009)

Love Beyond Frontier (Channel.9, 2008)


  • Sr.Pride vs. Miss Prejudice (2017)
  • Surprise (2015)
  • Hashima project (2013)
  • Eternidy (2010)

Mike Angelo currently, He knows there are fans here in Brazil, some fans have created an exclusive fan club for the thailand / chinese actor, who is currently very successful in china, and also signed with the CAA World Creative Agency in Hollywood CAA Creative Art Agency.





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